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Below you can sign up to have your location participate in the Margarita Showdown where you get the chance to win BEST MARGARITA in YOUR CITY. Winner takes home $1000 and a trophy.

You agree to the following terms for your entry
1. You bring 25 gallons of your special margarita all batched and ready to go. But WITHOUT the tequila. See below for links to containers.
2. We supply the tequila and triple sec for all sampling under our liquor license. This will be added at the event
3. You’ll need to have a complete recipe/ingredient list that is put on the back of your containers. This is part of liquor control rules. Don’t worry, no one gets to see your secret recipe 🙂
4. We supply all sampling cups
5. Your location must promote the event online and and your location.
6. We supply the tent and table for you.

This is also a great opportunity for you to sell some gift cards, collect data for email blasts, do a contest and even pass out your menus. Many locations have run a special at our events where guests can buy gift cards but at a special rate. For example, get a $50 gift card for $40. You will sell a bunch. And in most cases, those folks spend more than $50 when they come in. Great way to get people in the door and make money. Make the most out of the event. Engage with guests and make them feel welcome.

Great Options on Amazon for your Margarita Batches
Coleman 5 Gallon with Spigot – $22.99
Reliance 7 Gallon with Spigot – $15.92
Igloo Cooler with Dispenser – $32.00

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Normal price is $100 for these events. The $50 price is a discount for 2024. We will provide the tequila for the margaritas. You are responsible for bringing 25 gallons of your special margarita batched and ready to go. We recommend the Gatorade 5 gallon coolers. You can get at Home Depot or Amazon. Batch your margarita and just leave room for the tequila which you'll get when you get to the event.
You can put in whatever here. If you haven't come up with your margarita yet, no problem. Just type "I'll email you" and we can add it later.